julie coren
            Somatic Exploration


    My body is a river and then the fire came


        For many years, I couldn’t reach myself.  It was hard for me to express what I was feeling, and even harder for me to believe in myself, or see what I had to offer the world. Then, I started to write, and a yearning for the earth began to appear in my work.


        At first, I was drawn to the Southwest.  This is the land I belong to and the landscape of my heart and childhood home.  All kinds of words and stories began to emerge from some place inside of me that was deeply, utterly held by this land and its memories.  Its canyons, rivers, and trees taught me how to listen very closely to the yearning that is present in all life.

        (If you listen closely to the trees, to the wind that stirs through them in early spring, or the harsh breeze that gales sometimes in winter, you will hear a song. You will not know its words or melody, but somehow, it will be familiar…)


        This sensing into yearning and listening to the body of the earth drew me closer to my own body and I forged my relationship through the study of movement.  I used movement to express myself in ways I never could and all my passion and rage, stuckness and sensuality, all my longing for the holy came out.  I anchored deep in my body, feeling most at home with Jane Shere’s Meditative Movement, Mariane Karou’s Dance Alive, Emilie Conrad’s Continuum, and Ruth Gould-Goodman’s work with the Deep Feminine

        Each of these types of movement are grounded in a biospheric consciousness (a consciousness of the whole body; the individual, earth, and universe) and work by aligning with the body’s innate intelligence and capacity for self-healing.  Each focus on different aspects of the body/psyche and are informed by listening and relatedness to the sensations, patterns, feelings, imaginings, and histories that we carry.  



        The more I danced, the more I discovered I was made from earth and the universe existed inside of me.  The more I danced the more I yearned to become all of me.  And each time I responded to my desire to grow as if it were my roadmap for living, I was nourished.  I was drawn ever more into a conscious connection with all of life, with my body, somatic movement, and the world of healing.


        Soon, I began to study the healing arts; massage, Polarity Therapy (an energetic type of healing work that is Eastern in its body/mind orientation and grounded in the elemental energies of earth, air, fire, and water), and Craniosacral Therapy.  Currently, I am completing coursework in an Expressive Arts program  which incorporates our physical, emotional and imaginal selves by using movement, writing, and drawing.


          The expression that comes from our bodies and the wide, wide world that is the body of earth, the song that is both our own and belongs completely to this world, the quest that calls us and leads us half blind or dumb into our own destiny; this is our journey and our mystery.  
        And this is my call; to create a nourishing space for you to cultivate the gift you are and have to give to the world. To engage with the numinous brilliance in you, the so far unknown or unheard aspects of who you truly are through dialogue, movement, and art.  And to honor, and hold with the deepest of care, all that emerges or is not yet known.