julie coren
                Somatic Exploration
    My body is a river and then the fire came



        For many of us, cultivating our dreams and longings is a task that can elude us.  We want, we know, we feel there is more of us we want to bring out and give to the world but we are not sure how and our doubts can derail us.   This place of doubt, or stuckness, or fear can be called our patterned behavior and is embedded both in our thoughts and in our bodies.  


        By firmly grounding ourselves in our body/psyche; in our physical sensations, our emotional waves, and in our yearning, we can access much more of who we truly are.  In this work, we build the skills necessary to receive ourselves on the deepest level by cultivating a relationship with the unspoken and unheard aspects of ourselves.  We learn to listen very closely to our bodies, to track our sensations, to uncover or unwind our patterns , to feel and receive our feelings, and to witness the memories or trauma, the stories and histories that are held within us.


        Sometimes, we will do this by talking first and then by going into the somatic and listening to our bodies.  Sometimes, we will do very subtle movement and integrate what is happening physically by articulating verbally.  Sometimes, we will write or draw or dance and nestle in the mystery of our own unique brilliance and possibility.  Always, this work will be compelled by your body/psyche and the map of your yearning. 


        In this process, we learn to be with ourselves more fully, to grant ourselves the space and opportunity to blossom into who we truly and already are.  We listen and feel, we dream, we grieve, and we move towards ourselves.  We do this so that we can be ourselves fully, so that we can answer life’s call, so that we can respond to the world and what it needs with all of who we are and offer our own unique gifts and healing.   



         It is time to bind your soul to the soul of this world, meet its longing with your own, and ask of both, ‘What do you need? How can I feed you?’