Somatic Exploration
Please join us for an introductory workshop for Women on Monday, May 2nd, $10, from 7:30 - 9:30 pm in Santa Monica
This work informs me that when something feels right and good inside to follow the thread and it will lead me to a sense of well being. [...] It lets me know that everything is alright [...] and I am worth the life I am living."  Lehua Althemus

“the rewards [of doing this work] are self-knowledge both of myself explicitly and of the me I observe in others.   This work increases tenderness toward oneself and other people.  It increases trust in our non-analytical minds and our creativity as a way to be in the world.”  Miriam Greenberg

“It’s like an invisible string that is pulling me into my yearning.  I love being surprised by what […] is secretly inside of me that even I don’t know about … the work provides an opening for it to creep up into the daylight and be revealed.”  Olivia Barham

Upcoming Workshop Series:

Cultivating an Embodied Life — from Imagination to Manifestation


Every vision begins as a seed.

Imagine, speak, and move your vision,

from seed to fruition.



Please join us in a workshop for women that offers a practical approach for rooting and manifesting your vision for your life. Through Embodiment Practice, Storytelling, and Transformative Play, find your authentic self-expression and the unique gifts that are yours to offer the world.


Six Monday Nights   ~  7–10 pm

May  9, 16 & 30 and  June  6, 13, & 20  

$360  for the series

Embodiment Practice:  a generous offering to oneself and the world.  Inhabit yourself quite literally through luxurious practices of breath, sound, and movement, tapping into the divine well within and experiencing yourself as the overflow of joy, vitality, and love.


Storytelling: Come into greater aliveness by expressing all that has lived in you and all that wants to live into the world through you.  By giving voice to all parts of who we are, we generate fuller versions of ourselves, opening up new possibilities for our lives.


Transformative Play: Root yourself in the evolutionary nature of desire, word, and intention and be guided in practices for discovering the sweet spot of your magnetic and dynamic power and its relationship to what you want to create. Grow in your capacity to live an abundant, creative life that positively impacts and serves the world.


To register or for more information contact:


Nomi Isak  E: P: 310.842-8358


Julie Coren E: P: 310.570.6233




Nomi Isak: Nomi is a writer and coach who draws from an array of embodiment practices, including Vipassana meditation, Moving Theater, Continuum, and Somatic Experiencing.  She has been facilitating workshops since 2001.


Julie Coren: A long-time lover of dance, the healing arts and improvisational storytelling; Julie is an Expressive Arts Educator, Movement Explorer, Writer, and teacher of Witness Dance.

Please join us for an introductory workshop on Monday, May 2nd, from 7:30 - 9:30 pm, in Santa Monica, $10,  Call Nomi or Julie for more details