julie coren

            Somatic Exploration

     My body is a river and then the fire came


     When I first started working with Julie, I did not really know what to expect. I felt I had certain unrealized goals in my life and I had also recently suffered the death of someone very close to me.  I thought our work together could help me deal with these two issues. The process allowed me to get in touch with an issue that I have struggled with for many years - deservability. For me, this fundamental issue had stopped me from pursuing many things in my life that I wanted. During my sessions with Julie, I experienced deservability in a very subtle and profound way and it allowed me to take certain concrete steps toward my goal. After our sessions, I just felt that something had shifted in me and I can't explain exactly what happened.  One aspect of our sessions that was very powerful for me is that I felt completely accepted for who I am. That was a very rare and beautiful experience. I think it helped me to create the shift that I felt.

-- Sue


I always have a lot of tension in my neck and upper shoulders. After a session with Julie Coren where she guided me through some mirroring exercises, I noticed I was free of tension in my upper body that week, which is quite unheard of. I highly recommend Julie Coren's gentle and nurturing approach. It is the key to deep inner healing.

-- Frankie



     Over the years, Julie has helped me access my voice and how I need to say what I need to say.  She holds a very special space for creativity to bubble forth in the timing and clarity that is needed for me.  She is very attentive to what questions need to be asked and when.  Her somatic awareness allows me to access my somatic wisdom, where all of my answers lie.  I always end up feeling so much smarter and wiser about myself – it's a wonderful feeling.  I am so grateful for her gentleness and wisdom combined.


-- Michelle Hart     http://www.movingfromtheinside.com 
        This waking dream we are living is the same dream encoded in the cells of a flower budding, a star bursting, a caterpillar cocooning into a butterfly wafting over a river carving earth -- the only way it knows how -- into a canyon, into something so wild and grand the heavens bellow, rain from mercy, ache to reach down and touch and become one, with such a thing.
Photo  © Sheila Foster 2012