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When we enter the terrain of our bodies through subtle, sensation-based movement and receptivity practices, we enter our deepest possibility and the language of flesh and soul.

Come.  Breathe.  Feel.  Sense.  Imagine.  And Receive.

Please join me for this nourishing one-hour weekly class in which we will cultivate our own personal practice of subtle movement, sensation tracking, and relationship building with the depths of who we are.

Friday mornings by Zoom –  7:30 to 8:30am PST


…More than the psychoanalytic nose that searches for depth of meaning and hidden connections, we need the nose of common animal sense, [we need] and aesthetic response to the world.

This response ties the individual soul immediately with the world soul: I am animated by its anima, like an animal, I reenter the Platonic cosmos which always recognizes that the soul of the individual can never advance beyond the soul of the world, because they are inseparable, the one always implicating the other.  Any alteration in the human psyche resonates with a change in the psyche of the world …

From James Hillman’s, The Thought of the Heart & Soul of the World

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